Rental Agreement

Bowhey’s Resort Customer Policies

It is our hope that you, our customer understand the following policies.

We look forward to serving you and sharing our wonderful property and its amenities. Your understanding, agreement and acceptance of our policies will help us to continually provide an amazing northern cottage vacation with amenities that are affordable, clean and well maintained.

Thank you and Sincerely

Bowhey’s Resort Management


All deposits, whether for a cottage or a boat, are to be made with a Visa or Master Card only. Cash and debit cards are not accepted for deposits. The deposit you provide at time of booking reserves your cottage and boat rentals for the dates and time of your choosing. Full payment for your reservation is due upon arrival and must be paid using: credit card (Visa, Master Card), Debit Card or cash.

All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE if a cancellation is made. No exceptions. In most cases a deposit can be moved forward to another date if availability allows. A further $250 will be required to move a reservation forward.

Deposits given for reservations that include a boat rental will be for fitted if you cancel your boat rental, even if keeping your cottage reservation. An additional $250 damage/cleaning deposit will be charged upon check in and held until check out day. All deposits are held in trust until your departure day and are refunded on the same credit card you used for your deposit.

Cottage Care and Cleaning

Customers to supply appropriate cleaning solutions and supplies. We supply: vacuum, mop and broom. If upon inspection of the below any are found not to be in an appropriate condition you will be given every opportunity and time to spruce up. Anything left unclean, untidy or damaged will result in your forfeiting of your deposits. Again you will be given every opportunity to leave your cottage and/or boat in an acceptable condition according to the guidelines outlined above. It is your responsibility to leave any rentals (cottages, yachts and fishing boat rentals) in the same condition as you received them upon your arrival.

Appliances must be cleaned: fridge, stove, microwave and BBQ (racks scrapped clean, shelves cleaned and propane turned off).

Kitchen: sink and counter top cleaned, all dishes, cutlery, pots and pans cleaned, dried and put away.

Bathroom: toilet, sink, tub, tub surround and floor cleaned. All garbage pails emptied and cleaned. Any garbage is to be put into the central garbage receptacle.

Floors: The cottage floors:  swept and mopped. All carpet and furniture vacuumed.

Bedding: Sheets, Blankets and Pillows: In the times we find ourselves in it is for every ones protection we do not provide the above items. You are to supply your own. All cottages have 1 double and 2 single beds. We do provide a commercial mattress protector. Please under no circumstances are the mattress covers to be slept on directly. A blanket or fitted sheet must be used. If the mattress protector is stained or damaged in any way  a $100 replacement fee will be charge for each mattress protector.

Boat Rentals

If renting a boat you must show proof of a boaters permit at check in. A $1000 damage deposit is required on a Visa or MC and paid upon check in. Deposit will be refunded in full less any damage caused upon rental turn in. It is your responsibility to check boat over prior to leaving the dock and to make us aware of any damage on your rental prior to leaving the dock. We also require that you report to us immediately any damage you may cause during your rental. If possible we will repair immediately or replace your rental with a suitable replacement, if available. If no replacement is available we have a no refund policy on your rental. There will be no other boats issued to you if you damage your boat beyond your deposit amount. You will not be given a refund on the rental cost if you damage the boat and no replacement is given. You are responsible for full payment for any damage. Cost to be determined by management. Rentals are to be returned before 7pm the day before your check out. Gas used must be purchased from Bowhey’s. Be aware if you go outside our recommended boating area we are not responsible for rescuing you. If we do have to rescue you outside of the boating area a $150/hr fee will be levied for the service. Unless it is clearly a fault of the rental.


Firewood for your cottages private fire pit is available for purchase at the resort. Our pricing, wood quality and service is first class. We do not allow personal firewood on site. Whether it’s wood you have brought from home or have purchased in the area.


Kindly read and obey all signs displayed at pool location. Failure to do so could result in pool privileges being revoked or being asked to leave resort without refund.

Canoes and Kayaks

Free use for all guests. Must be signed out at office. Adult life jackets must be worn and are available free of charge. Children’s life jackets are not available at the resort and must be brought by guests. Canoes and kayaks must be returned to place of origin. Life jackets to returned to office. If lost a fee of $75/jacket will be charged. No fishing allowed from canoes and kayaks.

Pedal Boats

Free use. Life jackets must be worn. No fishing allowed from pedal boats. Must be returned to place of origin.

Dogs and other pets

Many hospitality properties DO NOT ALLOW PETS of any kind.  We respect your love you have for your pet and we ask that when vacationing with us you respect people who do not share the same love for your pet as you do. We kindly ask that pet owners take responsibility for their pet’s behaviour. We have a zero tolerance policy if any of the below are not adhered to and unfortunately you will be asked to leave without refund of vacation cost and deposits held in trust if you don’t follow our pet policies.

We do impose a pet fee for staying at the resort. As a pet owner we hope you see it as a better option than leaving your pet at home or in an expensive kennel.

Your pet must be: leashed at all times, not to be left alone in cottage at any time unless it is crated and does not have a barking issue when alone, kept off beds and furniture at all times. A poop and scoop policy at all times. Pets are not allowed in pool enclosure. Pets are not allowed on the serving deck of the cafe. If your pet barks to the point of disrupting the tranquility of other guests stay it will result in a request to leave resort. Pets that swim in the lake and play in the sand must be washed and shampooed before taking them back inside the cottage. Wet pet smell is impossible to remove in a timely manner and pose major hygiene and cleanliness issues. Even dry pet hair and dirt, if not cleaned, cause many health issues and maintenance issues. As a result a cottage rental with a dog will be held to a higher standard of cleanliness upon check out. The vacuum cleaner, broom and mop must be emptied and cleaned out before check out. A further $200 deposit is required at check in and is fully refunded upon cleanliness approval.

By entering your name and email address below, you are agreeing to our Rental Agreement as listed above. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss before agreeing to our Rental Agreement.

    You need to print a copy of the Rental Agreement as listed above, and bring it with you for check-in.

    We will go through the agreement together upon your arrival and you will sign it in our presence.