Small &
Largemouth Bass

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Smallmouth Bass Fishing

West Nipissing’s Smallmouth Bass are without a doubt as big as they are plentiful. The average size Smallmouth Bass caught out of West Nipissing Resort is 3.5 pounds. With plenty more caught under this weight as well as several in the 4 – 6 LB category. Lake Nipissing’s, Smallmouth Bass are: pound for pound the most exciting, strongest and athletic fish in the lake. The Smallmouth Bass tend to gravitate to the south side of our islands where they wait, ready to ambush from the weed line onto the broken rock bottom which house their favorite meal: crayfish, leeches and bait fish. Smallies often travel in schools across the broken rock feeding ground in search for their most desired meal. West Nipissing Resort and Small Mouthbass tend to go hand in hand and from hand to hand back into Lake Nipissing, but don’t be affraid to take a Smallmouth Bass for a shore lunch as they are plenty and they make a great meal. West Nipissing Resort, Lake Nipissing, Ontario is truly a world class Small Mouthbass fishery.

Largemouth Bass Fishing

West Nipissing’s Largemouth Bass are healthy and plentiful in this end of the lake. The average size Largemouth caught out of West Nipissing Resort is 2.5 – 3 LBS. With trophies coming into the resort topping the scales at 5 LBS a regular occurance West Nipissing truly is a bass fisherman’s heaven. The Bucket Mouth’s love Lake Nipissing. It’s rivers, creeks, fallen pine trees, sunken stumps and lilly pad covered weed flats, provide endless structure for you to target these seldom sought after game fish. Most Bass fishermen don’t realize Lake Nipissing is a world class bass fishery , hence our bass receive very little pressure. We’ve been saving them just for you! So come on up to West Nipissing Resort, Lake Nipissing, Ontario and toss your favourite top water louer into our lake and watch the surface explode as one of our aggressive, Lake Nipissing, Largemouth’s erupts from the depths and takes your louer for a ride!

For all fishing seasons & regulations please click here to visit the Ontario fisheries website.